4 Creative Small Business Ideas Under $500 Bucks

Published: 08th June 2011
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Everyone's looking for small business ideas. Especially for those ideas that don't require a PHD or a second mortgage. But many people are failing. One of the reasons for this mass failure is everyone doing the same old things. Hundreds of people are trying to sell the same ebook, or start the same kind of eBay business. Finding creative ways to make money is the key to financial success. When you aren't doing what everyone else is doing, you're more likely to succeed. Here are some examples of creative ways to make money.

Sell candy. I'm not talking about selling candy girl-scout style, so don't worry. I'm talking about purchasing candy machines, or vending machines if you have the money, and filling them with candy. Definitely one of the more creative ways to make money. If you have enough of them going, you can make a sizable income. You will need money to purchase the machines, as well as money to fill them monthly. You will also need to negotiate with business owners so you can find locations for them, which can sometimes prove to be quite difficult.

Be a coordinator. Taking advantage of outsourcing can prove to be a lucrative option indeed. You can accept bulk jobs from companies and then outsource the work to others. If done right, you will be able to make a profit without working full time to get the job done. The biggest drawback to doing something like this, however, is you'll be responsible if the people you outsource flake on the assignment or do a substandard job. Obtaining large projects may also be challenging.

Invest in a business. I don't mean this in the traditional sense. Instead of investing money into starting your own business, you can invest in someone else's business. People have great ideas, but they don't always have the capital to see these idea to fruition. By helping them financially, you will get a percentage of the profits. Of course, if the business flops, you'll be out the money you invested, so it is a risk. Additionally, you typically need a large amount of money to invest in the first place.

Direct sales. Much like investing in another's business, you can sell other products rather than creating your own. It is not like a sales job, however. In this instance, it is like having your own company within a company. This small business idea carries less risk than starting your own business from scratch.
Some options are better than others, but it all depends on your situation. Think about what kind of income you want, and what kind of risks you're willing to take.

The truth is, direct sales has a brighter side than selling vitamins, juice, lotions and potions. That's old school! Come over to the new school; with revolutionary technology taking charge.

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